I have written and self-published 1 memoir and 5 children's books

Imagine all of your life being consumed of nothing but betrayal, all at the hands of men you loved. Not knowing that these obstacles would follow you for the rest of your life. That’s what Aujah Griffin was forced to endure. Every time she thought she conquered one blow, another one followed ten times harder. Stole is where Aujah finally gets to tell her truth, no holding back. Aujah gives you a first-hand account of the years of sexual abuse she endured throughout her childhood. Before she was 25, life tested her with one trauma after the other—motherhood, college, bouts with depression, domestic violence, marriage and even divorce. Despite the trauma, Aujah refuses to call herself a victim, which is another reason why her story is all the more inspiring. By the time you finish reading the last word, you, too, will be inspired to let go of past hurt, even the most unforgivable acts that have tried to break you. No matter what you go through, you can’t let life win.Striving to break the generational curse of trauma, hurt, pain, bitterness and resentment. Aujah Griffin wants to not only inspire every reader, but to also raise awareness on common issues that often times get swept under the rug. There are so many people suffering in silence not realizing there is life after pain.

As a mother of four young children, author Aujah Griffin has created a compilation of children’s books that will serve as conversation starters for families. Often times, parents find it difficult to address sensitive topics that could possibly make their children feel uncomfortable. Aaliyah, serves as a relatable character that will allow young girls to feel a sense of connectedness when reading about her experiences. Parents/Guardians can very easily implement these readings into their daily routines as conversations can happen anywhere and anytime of the day. Even if your child is capable of reading on their own, reading with your child further serves as a bonding tool to discuss their perspectives. While discussing these topics, it further reminds your child just how important reading is. Each book contains a list of tips for parents when addressing these sensitive topics and how they can be sure to drive home critical points with their child.